We offer high-quality universal digital printing, both for indoor and outdoor purposes. For printing we use solvent ink and light-curing ink (UV).
Printing inks are based on organic solvents, thanks to which the printed materials are significantly more resistant to external factors, including ultraviolet radiation. In general, they also do not require any additional protection in the form of laminate. The range of dedicated materials is very wide, thanks to this we can provide you with a really rich variety of products.

By using this technology, we can print both paper for posters or billboards, single or double-sided vinyl banners, and materials for backlight printing, or finally – vinyl mesh for the purposes of really large-format exposure.

The most popular materials printed in this technology are:

  • Frontlight
  • Mesh
  • Backlight
  • Blockout
  • Blue Back Side
  • Citylight
  • Various foils (including monomer, polymer, casting, OWV, electrostatic and other types of foils)




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