Latex printing is a modern printing technology that uses water-based inks to minimize any negative impact on the environment. The eco-friendly latex print is completely odourless and safe, while maintaining a superior print quality, which certainly proves its advantage over other digital printing technologies.

Due to their lack of odour, latex-printed products are often used in the interior decoration sector. They can be successfully used in offices, public buildings, houses and even in childrens rooms or nurseries.
Imprints made with this technology are extremely durable, yet tensile, which works perfectly, for example, during laminating of vehicles.

It cannot be overestimated how important a short delivery time is in the latex technology business. Unlike other commercially available technologies, latex-printed materials are ready for use immediately after they have been removed from the machine. This applies also to foils – they can be forwarded for application immediately after printing.

The most popular materials printed in this technology are:

  • Wallart (various types of wallpapers)
  • Monomer foil
  • Phototex
  • N-tex Fabric
  • Whiteback paper




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