Paper packaging are both classic flap boxes and more complex shaped, as well as, laminated or display type boxes. All these products can be found in our offer.

We produce packaging for various industries and for many different branches, always offering professional advice. Thanks to modern technological solutions and extensive experience, we are able to fully meet your expectations

Packaging from Microwave (corrugated) cardboard

  • Offset printed packages
  • Packages without print
  • Packaging with flexo print
  • Commercial packages

Packages without printing

The simplest, budget version of packaging. Usually, used for bulk boxes or ranges of products, which do not require any special or direct marking.

Offset printed packages

We offer packages with offset printing (laminated). The paper is printed in full colour with any graphics or photos, laminated on corrugated board. Additional processes like die cutting or gluing, help us producing a suitable structure corresponding to the needs of the customer.

Packaging with flexo print

As part of these packages, we produce classic flap boxes of all types of cardboard and shaped packages. Shaped packaging can be made in the form of glued or flat, depending on the design used. A common feature of these packages is the need to use the die for their production.

On the above packages we can make flexographic printing. Colours can be chosen from Pantone scale or upon individual arrangements. 

Commercial packaging

Packages in the type of a display, stand - because of their direct marketing and exposition function, they are usually produced with offset or flexographic printing.


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