Digital sublimation printing is a modern technology for printing on textile materials that enables permanent dying of fibres. With this technology, printed materials have in eexhibit the same properties as materials printed in a factory – they can be washed and ironed, and are resistant to weather conditions.

The choice of textile materials for printing is constantly expanding which – combined with the possibilities provided by sublimation printing – brings countless options for exposure, not only for companies from the advertising sector, but also for the sectors related to architecture, decorating, furniture, or the widely understood industry.

Taking into account the fact that care for the environment is an aspect increasingly important for people around the world, sublimation printing offers many advantages in this context. First of all, it should be emphasized that the most commonly used paints in this printing process are water-based paints, and not solvent paints, which contributes to environmental protection.

Also worth mentioning are the physical qualities of the textile materials. The materials can be bent and folded without causing any damage to the prints, and their light weight allows for a significant reduction in logistics costs.





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